Sunday, September 23, 2007

Okay Vey, I'm An "Uber Cool Nerd God" (dess)

To satisfy Veyron's curiousity about my nerdiness, here it is... says I'm an Uber Cool Nerd God.  What are you?  Click here!

And I must protest a few thing about the test:

  • The question, "While not at work working, what do you spend most of your time on the computer doing?" does not have the answer that I wanted, which is "writing code". I do not consider that "work", especially since I don't program work stuff :)
  • The question, "How's your romantic life?" does not have the answer I wanted, which is "Have multiple boyfriends/girlfriends". I guess that would be a vanishingly small sample size for this test anyway - the writers never conceived of anyone being able to pull that off :)
  • The question, "Speaking of Aristotle, he made a claim that later proved incorrect, which was that..." is wrong on so many levels, it should at least be "Which of the following was one of the claims Aristotle made that was later proven wrong?" - he made so many wrong claims, the use of the word "a" is highly incorrect.
  • Besides if you are going to choose cool philosophy figures, at least go with Plato or Socrates.
  • As far as programming languages go, there are far nerdier languages and questions to ask. For example, "Do you consider Lisp to be the best language ever?" Should boost your nerd score through the roof :) BTW, my answer to that would be "depends on the problem" :P
  • The Jeopardy questions are just stupid - I don't watch the show anymore because its too easy which bores me ;)
  • Don't even get me started on the inaccuracies of the "The Hundred Years war lasted 106 years." question.
  • And the fact that I carry a periodic table in my purse "in case of an emergency" does not make me a nerd :) You wouldn't believe how many times that's come in handy.
  • To be properly nerdy the question about choosing, "Your Life", "My Space", etc. should have an option for "Second Life" or some other comment on choosing a cyber-life instead of a real life, heck even one of those MMO would be better than "My Space" - the kinds of geeks this test is targetting sneer at My Space or wouldn't know social networking if it bit them.
  • By choosing "Mac" I get "Mac" and "Unix" - I bet they scored me lower for choosing the Mac - I think the test creators are not nerdy enough.
  • There really should be a question that asks whether or not you think the test is flawed, it doesn't have nerdy enough questions, or that you think the test creators aren't nerdy enough - that should boost your nerd score.
  • And finally, the term should be Goddess - idiots, didn't they even take into account the "sex" portion of their own test? I call that a bug - where do I go to get my money back?
  • Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    Long Absences And Unexpected Exposure

    Well, Real Life is about to slow down and I can return to writing more of the Mistress Strangelove series for your edification.

    However, the reason I'm posting this is an unexpected exposure of me by Vint Falken on her blog. I went to the SL Bloggers meeting and she took a photo of me and is using it as an instruction device on retouching photos.

    I just wish she could have used a less titillating photo.

    Update (9/14/2007):
    I finally followed Vint's link to the Flckr page for the photo and read the comments there.

    My favorite one:
    "I can't get past "Montgolfier", hot air, balloons.. and her tits."

    And that's not even why I chose the name, although now I like it even more than before. Unexpected puns are the best.