Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Do *Not* Act LikeThis... (Frequently)

Veyron has cast more aspersions on my character, making me out to be nothing more than a flirtatious tart. She sent me the following video and implied that this is essentially me and how I act.

Super Sexy Train Passenger - Free videos are just a click away
I can assure you all this is entirely unlike me. First, I don't ride trains, second, I'm blond, third, I would never wear an outfit like that because the top does not go well with that skirt. Finally, to really attract the eyes of the guys, don't wear black heels, wear white. Any stripper can tell you that.

See, entirely unlike me.

(Note: The use of polysyllabic words is in no way a reaction to the "bimbo" reading level of this blog.)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Words Cannot Do It Justice

Earlier this year, during the summer, a bunch of people told me about a sim where the "Starry Night" painting of Van Gogh was brought to life in Second Life. Life many other pilgrims, I ventured there to marvel at how well it was done and the magnificent idea that it represented - the ability to travel within one of your favorite paintings.

Robbie Dingo built it and this morning I stumbled accross a machinima called 'Watch the World(s)" showing the build from beginning to end. I can't say which is more impressive, watching it being built or moving around within it. Making it even more poignant is the music, Don McLean's "Vincent", it makes me sniffle and tear up hearing the words as the painting unfolds. Some parts of the video have been edited to appear abstract.

It is probably the best machinima I've ever seen - I can't stop watching it.

For a very low-res version of it, here's the YouTube version:

For more details on how it was made, New World Notes has an article about it. Finally, for higher resolution versions, go to Robbie's blog - the download is well worth it.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mega-Prim Sculptie Earth With Satellite Imagery

I *have* to see this the next time I'm in Second Life. This is incredible looking in the photos.

From the picture caption:

Sculptie Earth features a topographic Earth model with cloud layer that displays real time weather patterns streamed from satellite data. Stills are taken 3 hours apart and 2 days of data is visible in the animation.

The first photo shows how big it is relative to other things in Second Life.

The second shows it close enough to see the relief.

The pictures are from Zee Pixel's Flickr stream.

And thanks to the Huge Prim Blog for the pointer.

You Know You're Famous When....

You make it into a word search puzzle. Dinee has a word search puzzle with a bunch of SL bloggers in it. Thanks Dinee.

I also think it says something about me that I also notice “naughty” words like ‘tit’ or crass consumer words like ‘jewel’. Not that I’m a gold-digging nympho or anything.

Now, if I can only make it into her blogroll. Of course, that would mean having to post more frequently and with more exciting things.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Is A Smart Bimbo

Following the example of other authors, like Melissa Yeuxdoux and Lillie Yifu, rating the reading level of their blogs, I ran mine through the same service and guess what reading level this blog is:

Lillie's smart, she's in elemenshur... elmnt... grade school and Melissa's real smart, she's got rockets and jello shots on hers :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Late Night. Can't Sleep.

It's 2AM and you can't sleep, what do you do? You wander around the Internet and find out what people have been writing about you while you weren't looking :)

Narcissim, thy name is Tiessa.

You find out that you haven't posted in nearly two months. You internally vow to return to your origins and log into Second Life more frequently. You begin to write a self-referential, hopefully humorous blog post about the whole situation, only to find out that you are nearly incoherent from lack of sleep. *sigh*

Perhaps I'll call it a night and go back to counting male strippers as I try to fall asleep. You can count sheep, I want to dream about sex with male strippers when I finally fall asleep - I'll let you dream about sex with sheep. Or maybe I'll try and count Veyron's doing various naughty things. Either way, yum.

What the heck am I doing still writing when I can have visions of boy toys and models dancing in my head?