Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dakota And The Dakota-ettes

Dakota And The Dakota-ettes
Originally uploaded by Tiessa
The photo I was playing with when I accidentally deleted the prior post was this one which I dub, "Dakota And The Dakota-ettes".

This weekend, I spent sometime at Paradise Lost talking to some old friends about 'the good old days' when I was new to Second Life. I looked around on my hard drive and found this picture, which captures the group of people I spent the most time with back then. In the picture are myself, the one with dark hair in red latex, Helena Kirkorian, Brianicus Quintus, and Dakota Enfield. These three people were some of my earliest friends in Second Life. In this picture, Dakota had just bought a microphone which had poses for appearing like you were singing, so we danced behind her like backup singers and took this picture.

Just about every day, we danced and talked all night long, with conversations ranging from literature (the place was called Paradise Lost how could we avoid it?), philosophy, physics, astronomy, biology, and many more things. Everything was tied together with lots of jokes all a the club created by Malachite Seattle that looked like a cathedral.

The picture is from the original club before it was moved to its own sim. It even had an altar area and main altar like a cathedral. The next chapter of the Mistress Strangelove series deals with what happened to me on that altar. Repeatedly.

Grrrr That's Annoying

I was fiddling around with some of the features of blogger and how Flickr can post pictures to it from within the Flickr interface. I made an experimental post in draft and while experimenting, I deleted the prior post instead of the experimental post. That'll teach me to flip back and forth in between tabs and pay close enough attention.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled silence...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Terrible Twos

I just received a RezDay present from Veyron, I got the notification in email. I'd completely forgotten about my RezDay since I've been largely absent from SL for many months now. RL reared it's ugly head and made my year pretty hard so far. I've been in 'survival mode' for a while now, which largely means an absence of fun and free time. I just turned three today, which means that my 'Terrible Twos' are over. Yay! I thought I was supposed to be inflicting myself on others, not the other way around.

However, I'm putting my life back into a semblance of order and I'm determined to restore the fun and energy to my life that's been sorely missing. That may or may not mean a larger amount of time in SL, blogging, and the other things I remember having so much fun doing. I feel pretty shattered by RL at the moment, but I can see blue horizons in front of me and I'm heading towards them.

Here's the present she gave me. She always did like to see me mostly naked :)