Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What Age Are You? No, Really?

This has to take the cake. After Linden Lab said it was going to age and identify verify people, the catterwaling began. From end to end of the Second Life blogo-sphere, many posts were written and much vitriol spewed. None the less, Linden Lab persisted in it's desire to make identify verification part of Second Life.

So, what happens when someone is accused of being under-aged? "Oh, look at that, they used the verification system chosen by Linden Lab." You'd think that would be the end of it. Well, not so fast.

From over on Grid Grind (via Massively), they are reporting one of their alts was suspended and they were told to fax a copy of a picture ID for verification!

With not a second look at their own verification system, Linden Lab is demanding picture proof of your identity in cases where there has been a complaint against you. Their own carefully selected system doesn't stand up to meet their own burden of proof.

A comment on Massively answers the charge that it's supposedly only a beta program:

Bee Mizser said...

So they are not trusting a system in BETA....

God you are getting worse than the Herald.

Age Verification is undergoing testing, it has not gone fully live, so quite rightly they are not depending on it right now.

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Tateru Nino9

Dec 24th 2007 @ 5:54AM
Tateru Nino said...

As far as we know, and from everything we've heard, the 'beta' aspect is to deal with people *not* being able to verify. Once people *are* verified, as far as we know, they'll stay that way at the end of beta - therefore, if you trust the data then, you trust it now, no?


Sorry about that, I just had to scream at the world about something so blindingly stupid.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm An AlienHearts Groupie

It's been ages since I heard AlienHearts play live and they were back for a big party this weekend. In case you've never heard of them, they are three very good DJs from France who play electrance music and make incredibly funny comments in-between their songs.

You can go to their website,, to download their music or get a small promo-sample of it by clicking the play button in the embedded player below.

To get a feel for their sense of humor, let me direct you to one of their videos on YouTube, it's called NooB and it's the tale of a noobie to Second Life.

Just to confirm my groupie status, I would add any of the three to my Naughty Nine, I dance on the stage when they play, I flirt shamelessly with them, and I have been known to throw various pieces of clothing onto their DJ booths. If anyone who reads this and runs a club or event that wants good music from professional DJs, I couldn't recommend anyone better. They packed a four sim party today.

If you hire them, you can be certain I will attend. Isn't that a good enough reason alone?

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Naughty Nine

Sigh, another meme, this one via Veyron. And a big hrmph to Veyron for only wanting to have sex with me for my mind.

Name the avatar that you would most like to have sl sex with for…..

1. Their av.

Veyron Supercharge - yes, I only like you for your body :P

2. Their mind.

Nicole Rotunno - although soul and many other attributes could also apply here :)

3. Their poetic/mystical/creative spirit.

Malachite Seattle - She's an incredible builder who kept Helena interested, I can only imagine what she must be like.

Wolfgang Pfohl - I wish he'd log in again, it's been too long. His boyish earnestness, his ego, his RL creativity, and many other reasons.

Dalien Talbot - You should hear him sing ;)

4. Their social success/success in sl.

Zoe Connelly - I've heard rumors ;)

5. Their libido, that is the thing they seem to want to do from how they talk and act.

Helena Kirkorian - How can anyone resist her? I think they invented the word effervescent just for her.

6. Want to go against type for you. That is, if they are normally a top, you would want them to be your bottom, if they are straight and your same sl gender…

Dakota Enfield - She's attached to Brianicus and I haven't talked to her in ages, but her wit and deep personality always attracted me.

Vint Falken - I'd really like to just curl up and play neko-kitty games with her ;)

October Hush - With the recent revelations, I'm thinking she might be hiding more things.

7. You would go against type for.

Trinity Clift - I've been going against type since day one already and I'm not about to stop?

8. You would most want to do a nothing-but-sex week with, who you are not currently having sl sex with.

I'm having sex with everyone right now, who am I missing? :)

9. Threesome, which two. They don’t have to be from the above list, but can be.

Veyron and Nicole. And thanks to Vint's photo-shoot, I bet it's going to happen :)

The tenth question:

“The forbidden,” the one that, you’d like to publicly confess to, but the consequences would be toooooo awful. Examples would be your best friend’s partner, a professional contact, someone you know rl who is here… Someone who you want, but have never been able to confess it too. Don’t post… Just answer with whether they are online right at the moment that you post your answer.

Not online :(

Next tags... October Hush, Dalien Talbot, Melissa Yeuxdeux, and Alexander Burgess.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Visitors To My Palace

When looking for photos of me on the Internet, I found some great photos taken by people I don't know of my palace. They did a good job of capturing some of the insides of it. My palace looks very Arabian Nights from the outside and a French palace in certain parts of the inside.

Here's someone named, Tsai Jie looking out of one of the upper rooms towards one of the minarets.

Here she is in my library in one of the comfy couches near the big fireplace.

Finally, here she is snuggling with someone in one of the big flowers in my garden.

I'm happy someone can be enjoying my palace when I'm not there. I'm also very happy to be able to say, "my palace." :)

Latex Bimbo Neko

It seems our aspiring latex bimbo neko took a photo a few months ago of me, in one of my neko outfits and made some appreciative comments about it. I think she's been thinking about this for a while.

Personally, I like the butterfly, its wings beat in a nice animation. This outfit has an interesting story tied to because I used it as a basis for my Halloween costume in Real Life. The humorous (and scandalous) results of that will be told in the next installment of the Mistress Stangelove series.

Up With This I Will Not Put

I was looking to collect some of the images I've seen people post about me in the past and put references to them on here. It turns out Flickr search is horrible and things tagged with my name don't even show up in the search results for 'tiessa'. I decided to use Google's image search to find more images of me.

The first result in Google's image search for me is *the* photo by Vint!

Some People Are Crabby Spoil Sports

In researching if my blog is still #1 on the "make me a bimbo" search at Google, I looked at some of the other links and this one stuck out as being very amusing, but not in the way the author intended.

First off, look at the pictures of the people who write for that newspaper's blog, can you picture a less humorless bunch of people? I grew up in the Midwest, can you guess why I don't live there anymore?

Second, comments like, "These girls will never be happy until they decide to grow up," show the true nature of the commenter more than the nature of the target of their ire. That really should be re-phrased as, "I will never be happy until they decide to grow up." What a curmudgeon view of the universe this person espouses. I think it's just sour grapes that the author of that comment wishes they would have had a bit more of an "ill-spent youth" and enjoyed themselves.

Finally, the comments quickly degenerate into a bunch of "You young people are all ungrateful and lazy." But, chalk one up for the bimbos of the world with the following comment exchange:

Regardless, the actions of a few idiots shouldn't reflect on my entire generation.
Posted by: young air-head spoiled bimbo | June 06, 2007 at 08:41 AM

Sorry bimbo, but it's not just "the actions of a few idiots". A major portion of your generation act like they're a few bricks shy of a load. That said, your generation isn't much different than any other recent generation. You just need a little seasoning/maturity/experience. I'm confident yours will be a productive generation given some time (and age).
Posted by: XXX | June 06, 2007 at 09:15 AM

Let me say again, self righteous baby boomers make me laugh. I see a few brick short of a full load when I see my parents old high school friends that were taken in by the drug culture of the seventies and are now brain dead.

Me? Just graduated on dean's list, and landed a very good job thanks to persistant interviewing and persuing.

But don't worry. The baby boomer generation will be very productive at some point.... I'm sure. Really. One of these days...
Posted by: Bimbo | June 07, 2007 at 10:11 AM

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Social Rank And Sweet Second Life Useless?

I think Crap Mariner is right, SocialRank and SweetSecondLife are full of crap. I submitted my own site to them, I also made certain blogs like Vint's and Veyron's were submitted to them, considering how much traffic they get. Not one of these four blogs show up on their social rank. Looking at SL TopSites, Technorati, and others, at least one of these sites should make it into SocialRank. But no. Electric Sheep, however, shows up twice. I think their site is broken.

A Bit Of Self-Indulgent Narcissism

Being bored with the concept of doing work today, having already posted to the blog, and having not looked at my site analytics in a while, I decided to look and see what people have been finding on my site.

The high ranking keywords for my site are, "All Things Tiessa", no surprise there, "SL Escorts", hmmm, I haven't done that in ages, "make me a bimbo", a perennial favorite on this blog, "second life big boobs", and, interestingly enough, a phrase that is second only to "All Things Tiessa", "Aristotle, he made a claim that later proved incorrect." Where else can you get bimbos, big boobs, and discussions of the veracity of Aristotle in one cute package? Oh, and I have the most darling dimples as well :)

The current top links are I Is A Smart Bimbo, "Long Absences And Unexpected Exposures", and "Fear Of Barbie's Big Boobs".

Hmmm, I sense a theme :)

Just as a sort of weird recursive irony, the "Make Me A Bimbo" reference on my site, which is one of my hit generators, is another post commenting on how that phrase is one of my hit generators. No actual content was produced in the making of this hit driver.

Re-reading that post of mine, I definitely have to do a series of 'A Bimbo's Guide to...' posts with 'A Bimbo's Guide To Being A Bimbo,' being one of the first. I bet the Mean Girls would have a field day with me if I ever made it onto their radar.

What Do I Have To Do To Get A Little Publicity?

I flirt and I flirt, he takes pictures, but then he goes and forgets to mention the best part of the entire party, me! And I'm even the only person you can make out in the picture he posts of the party. I should be glad he didn't feature an embarrassing photo of me in his tutorial on post-processing of cleavage like some people I could mention...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different...

A small break from everything you wanted to know about sex and the single Second Life girl...

You either love British humor, or you don't. Be forewarned, if you don't like British humor, don't read this post, go here instead, you'll be much happier.

From the daily mash, a site that makes The Onion look like it was written by boring 4-year olds, comes the following artitle:


A TOTALLY humongous rat has been discovered in a really remote part of New Guinea by some freaked-out zoologists.

A team of scientists from Conservation International spotted the absolutely mental thing while up to their knees in all kinds of crap in the Foja mountains.

Expedition leader Professor Wayne Hayes said: "I was filling my water bottle when I saw this huge fucking thing and I shouted to my mate Dave, I said, 'Dave, look at the size of that fucker!' and Dave was like, 'Jesus Christ, it's a fucking monster!


Professor Hayes added: "Ben was like, 'that's a rat, it's totally a rat' and I was going, 'naah, it's some kind of freaky beaver or a weird-looking, fucked-up cat.'"

Dr David Hobbs added: "I was like, 'that's a mutant otter or something, it's bigger than my dog, for Christ's sake' and Wayne was saying we should catch it, and I was like, 'you fucking catch it'.

"So anyway, we tell Stevie that it's his turn to catch something and he's like totally pissed off, but he tears after it anyway, shouting, 'come here you dirty big bastard, I want to take your picture'."

Dr Steven McKay added: "We also trapped this manky little thing with huge eyes which they reckon is maybe a possum or a really big gerbil.

I know, this isn't the most erudite humor around, but it tickles my funny bone for a couple of reasons. I used to watch nature shows on PBS when I was growing up and the thought of Sir David Attenborough creeping through the jungles in the Foja mountains, parting the leaves of some big plant, turning to the camera, and saying in hushed tones, "Ahh, the elusive Big Fucking Rat, a rare sight indeed." That image makes me giggle uncontrollably, the people around me on the bus must think I'm insane.

I also vaguely remember a few "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" episodes from when I was really little and I remember the host, Marlin Perkins, would be talking all about how deadly some creature was and then he'd turn to Jim Fowler and say something like, "Even though the much feared man-eating Bengal tiger can rend a man limb from limb in seconds, Jim here is going to go up to it, pull on its tail so you can hear it roar, a roar that sends chills to the hearts of man. Then, he will put his head in its mouth so you can see the teeth that can crush a man's skull in an instant." Poor Jim would then dutifully go and perform whatever insane stunt Marlin would assign him. I often wondered why Marlin hated Jim so much.

If he survived, I can just hear someone saying to him, "Lucky."

Well, to reward everyone who read through this entire post of my prattling, I will give the first one who answers the following question correctly with a long kiss and a quick fondle in the back of a dark theatre.

From my one of my favorite pieces by the same authors who brought you the title of this post, who would turn and say "Lucky" to Jim if he survived the insane instructions Marlin gave him? It's a bit obscure, but it never fails to make me laugh because of the absurdity of the situation. If no one gets it, I'll eventually tell you, but then, no cookie for you.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This Is Either Bad Or Good

Cory Lindon is leaving Linden Lab, in his own words, it appears to be over creative differences. Some people think this is a bad thing, that he is the guy that "made it work". I love the following quote from Cory:

Creating a programming language that now had 2.5 billion lines of code written in it – note to self, next time spend more than one night designing language.

That brings back memories of bad architectural decisions in my life as well.

Now, I'm going to preface all of the following, with, I haven't met Cory, have any inside information about this in anyway, or have any personal axes to grind.

I think this could be a very good thing. Send any flames my way you want, but I don't believe anyone's perfect.

Cory built a platform that I've dedicated lot's of time to and certainly a fair amount of money. Anything I spend that much time with, I have an opinion on. He made this crazy concept a working system. It has many flaws that are keeping it from being truly great and continuing the breakneck growth it showed earlier.

There are crashes, bugs, outages, inventory loss,and numerous other things that mar the Second Life experience. Cory could be a very good software engineer, very creative, very innovative, but he may not make a good CTO. The skills that are good at starting a project and getting it to the "first stage" are not the skills that get you to the "next stage." They are not mutually exclusive, but they are not the same.

Unlike others, I like that Cory made the client open source. I like that he supported libsecondlife. I drank the Kool-Aid a long time ago about open source and how fundamentally right it is.

All of that does not make him good at managing the architecture of a system, to stabilize it, to hunker down and do the boring things that need to be done on the platform. Some people are comparing him to Wozniak and drawing similarities to what happened at Apple. I think Wozniak leaving was ultimately good for Apple.

I read an excerpt from Michael Dell's book in which he talked about having to ask for the resignations of many of his close friends that helped him build Dell once the company grew really big. His comments went something like, "It was incredibly hard to do, they were good $100 million dollar managers, but they weren't $1 billion dollar managers." The skill set for running organizations and making them work at different sizes and different scales changes. Some can continue to reinvent themselves and change, others cannot or will not.

In the end Linden Lab is a business and businesses that grow and are pushing to grow big will go through certain stages. We've hit the "boring corporate retrenchment" stage. I just hope that Cory isn't replaced by someone from the "big corporate" stage, who doesn't know how to shepherd a growing company through the middle phases.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I Might As Well Tell You Eight Random Facts

I guess after receiving numerous tags (You know who you are), I will succumb to peer pressure...

* Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
* At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1) Unlike my normal charming and ebullient self, right now, I can't think of anything witty to say.
2-8) See #1, only with different polysyllabic words substituted to increase my blog's reading level.

If you really want random facts about me, re-read the Mistress Strangelove series.

Besides, all of the good facts were taken. Like dandellion, I will set my avatar down in a comfortable chair somewhere in the middle of a shopping sim and move my camera about to do all of my shopping, although I don't "spiderman" around like she does.

Like Veyron, I have an incredibly organized inventory - I have all of my "looks" in separate folders, labeled as to what they are compatible with. Copies of my shape, skin, eyes, hair, jewelry, etc. all in the same folder (with sub-folders :), so a single menu click will change my entire look. The only disorganized folder is my animations, and that's because I just bought some and have to classify them. Unlike Veyron, I really don't want a tagging system, I'd never remember all of the tags and then I would spend a *huge* amount of time "standardizing" my tags, I'd like either symlinks or just have everything be copy/no transfer.

Finally, like Raul, I was in the Navy and have tattoos all over my body, but unlike him I have my driver's license and am a 400 pound truck driver who wears red plaid, has a beard to my belly, and who answers to the call sign, "Bubba Joe Jim Bob Billy".


Like usual, I'm in an odd mood, which would just make it a normal mood, well for me, for everyone else, it'd be odd.

Like Vint, I will cease the "chain letter" and not tag anyone - I'd have to spend hours googling for random SL blogs to find someone who hasn't been tagged already.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mission Specialist Bambi And Her Amazing Pneumatic Space Sex Toys

Veyron has a link to a hysterical article about sex in space on her blog. A copy of her excerpt:

US and Russian
astronauts have had sex in space for separate research programmes on
how human beings might survive years in orbit, according to a book
published yesterday.

Pierre Kohler, a respected French scientific writer, says in The
Final Mission: Mir, The Human Adventure that the subject is taboo both
at Nasa [sic] and at mission control in Moscow, but that cosmic couplings
have taken place.

“The issue of sex in space is a serious one,” he says. “The
experiments carried out so far relate to missions planned for married
couples on the future International Space Station, the successor to
Mir. Scientists need to know how far sexual relations are possible
without gravity.”

He cites a confidential Nasa [sic] report on a space shuttle mission in
1996. A project codenamed STS-XX was to explore sexual positions
possible in a weightless atmosphere.

Twenty positions were tested by computer simulation to obtain the
best 10, he says. “Two guinea pigs then tested them in real
zero-gravity conditions. The results were videotaped but are considered
so sensitive that even Nasa [sic] was only given a censored version.”

Only four positions were found possible without “mechanical
assistance”. The other six needed a special elastic belt and inflatable
tunnel, like an open-ended sleeping bag.

Mr Kohler says: “One of the principal findings was that the classic
so-called missionary position, which is so easy on earth when gravity
pushes one downwards, is simply not possible.”

This is priceless. I wonder how they convinced the guinea pigs to try those 10 positions :) I can see "serious scientists in lab coats" rigging up miniature sex harnesses to the guinea pigs and then saying in a stern voice, "now this time, no playing around, I want you to test the missionary position, not Kama Sutra position #712. That position is not one of the 'official' ones we are testing on this flight. Get serious you two, you are astronauts, not rodents." Followed by little rodent giggles as they go off to have wild, kinky rodent sex in harnesses while inside an inflatable tunnel.

My mind boggles at all of the questions this article raises. For example, how do I get a government paid job to write software to simulate sexual positions in space? That must be one of the wackier job descriptions, "Must have experience in physical simulation using 3D software and an intense interest in sex." How did they get that by HR?

What other "mechanical assistance" devices did they simulate? And how did they think of an inflatable tunnel as one of them? "Well, Sir, last night I was up late doing some, ah, 'research' on the Internet with regards to, ah, 'possible mechanical devices for aiding in engineering human to human coupling and interlocking in zero gravity', and I, ah, 'chanced' upon a website dedicated to, ah, 'human restraint in procreative and non-motile scenarios'. Then purely out of, ah, 'scientific curiosity', I downloaded all of the pictures on it, so I could do some, ah, 'in-depth analysis', and I saw a few things that might be the key to, ah, 'facilitating...', ah, um... Sir, permission to speak without euphemism?" "Just one question first Johnson. How much of this 'research' was done with your pants down around your ankles?" Looking abashed, Johnson answers, "all of it Sir."

Don't even get me started on how their "principal finding" was about the missionary position. I would love to read the research grant proposal for that one.

Also, it gives new meaning to the words, "Mission Specialist" Not to be confused with the words, "Missionary Specialist," which is evidently an untenable position.

I can imagine the pre-flight press interview... "I'm Smith from the Associated Press, and I have a question for Mission Specialist, ah, 'Bambi' is it? The press hand-out regarding your background is very short and very vague, your title is 'Research Assistant' and your background states that you have, ah, '... significant professional experience of vital importance to the mission.' But it never states what that experience is, can you provide more details?" Bambi, smacking her gum and twirling a finger in her bleached platinum blond hair, replies, "uh, what the heck did all that mean?" "What are you good at miss?" "Why didn't you just say that, handsome?" she smiles and bats her eyelashes at the suddenly uncomfortable reporter who has to sit down quickly and adjust his pants. "That's easy, I give great head, I'm double jointed, I don't get motion sick during sex, and I ride rockets every night," she giggles at her own joke. "Although, I am charging extra for the straps, inflatable tunnels, and the guinea pigs - that's kinky even by my standards. It has been great working with all of the guys down in the research department these past weeks, there were many long, sleepless nights spent rehearsing all of the astronauts I'm to do in space, oh wait, I was supposed to say, 'tasks that I'm to do in space,'" she says while using exaggerated "air quotes". "We plan to have a lot of fun on this mission, right Tiger," she ends winking at the, now blushing, Mission Commander.