Friday, May 18, 2007

Which Barbie Are You?

While you wait for the next installment of my memoirs, you can find out which Barbie you are.

Mine is....

Which Barbie Are You? (pics)

Slut Barbie
You're that naked barbie that you always see discarded on someone's bedroom floor........and you like it. (Atleast you aren't the beheaded barbie, whew!) Anyway, you have long since gave up on that Ken. You need that hot plastic injection and you need it now!
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1 comment:

dandellion Kimban said...

:D I like your Babie. Here' s mine

Kung Fu Barbie

A dainty quiet brunnette, those overbearing male chauvenist pigs are always attracted to you. Little do they know what justice has in store for them. Roundhouse kicks and pressure-point strikes. Kung fu Barbie kicks some ass.