Saturday, November 24, 2007

Words Cannot Do It Justice

Earlier this year, during the summer, a bunch of people told me about a sim where the "Starry Night" painting of Van Gogh was brought to life in Second Life. Life many other pilgrims, I ventured there to marvel at how well it was done and the magnificent idea that it represented - the ability to travel within one of your favorite paintings.

Robbie Dingo built it and this morning I stumbled accross a machinima called 'Watch the World(s)" showing the build from beginning to end. I can't say which is more impressive, watching it being built or moving around within it. Making it even more poignant is the music, Don McLean's "Vincent", it makes me sniffle and tear up hearing the words as the painting unfolds. Some parts of the video have been edited to appear abstract.

It is probably the best machinima I've ever seen - I can't stop watching it.

For a very low-res version of it, here's the YouTube version:

For more details on how it was made, New World Notes has an article about it. Finally, for higher resolution versions, go to Robbie's blog - the download is well worth it.

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