Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Terrible Twos

I just received a RezDay present from Veyron, I got the notification in email. I'd completely forgotten about my RezDay since I've been largely absent from SL for many months now. RL reared it's ugly head and made my year pretty hard so far. I've been in 'survival mode' for a while now, which largely means an absence of fun and free time. I just turned three today, which means that my 'Terrible Twos' are over. Yay! I thought I was supposed to be inflicting myself on others, not the other way around.

However, I'm putting my life back into a semblance of order and I'm determined to restore the fun and energy to my life that's been sorely missing. That may or may not mean a larger amount of time in SL, blogging, and the other things I remember having so much fun doing. I feel pretty shattered by RL at the moment, but I can see blue horizons in front of me and I'm heading towards them.

Here's the present she gave me. She always did like to see me mostly naked :)


Jene said...

Happy rezday Tiessa!! *hugs*

Peter Stindberg said...

omg - this blog is still alive? Happy Rezday - I celebrated mine on Friday - didn't know ours were so close!

I am in "survival mode" as well - and what you write on Plurk about your job is so frightingly familiar to what I experience. However essential part of MY "survival mode" is the fun and friendship I found in SL.

Hope we can dance again one of these days. We have not talked like in.... 2 years?

Banana's Hubby said...

Hello Tiessa, I read your previous post by chance last week, left a comment and then realised it was a year old...now i am glad you're back. Happy rez-day!

Tiessa said...

@peter: I think it was earlier this year or late last year since we last talked. Yes, it has been too long no matter when it was :)

@hubby: The worst part of it was that the post was from a guest blogger, it wasn't even my post.