Monday, February 25, 2008

The Bimbo Award Goes To Linden Labs

Neon MudFlap GirlThe Bimbo Award is given for public announcements that inspire the exact opposite response in the reader than the speaker intended. It comes from an incident in US during the 80s when a young woman had a tryst with a well-known, evangelical minister and when it became public, she exclaimed, "I am not a bimbo!"

I am giving a Bimbo Award to Linden Labs for the fateful pronouncement:

[Resolved 5:20 PM PST] We’ve fixed this issue.

Mere sentences after this:
[UPDATE 3:16 PM PST] Our service provider has confirmed something was overlooked in their first attempt to fix the problem

In short, the last time they "fixed" it, they missed something. But this time they are certain they didn't make that mistake again.

I believe them, don't you? And the issue? Nothing major, just massive object loss. Considering their past track record of not losing things and being able to fix those issues, I'm certain they have it all under control now.

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