Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is Your SecondLife Naked?

This is so pathetic - someone has a version of the SecondLife viewer that allows you to strip the other avatars around you and see them naked.


There she is, body made for sin and the face of an angel. If only you could see more...
Or that hot group of ladies at the club what better way to really know which one is your
dream girl than to have them all naked before your eyes.

With NakedLife you can!!

As simple as an IM, but much more interesting!
Click anyone into PERFECT NAKEDNESS! Just Imagine it. And when you are sick of just imagining..
It’s very simple BUY the NakedLife registration pack and have the real eye candy at your fingertips!
WHENEVER and WHEREVER you want!!

Yes, you too with the click of a button could turn any avatar around you naked for the low, low price of L$3200. And please, stop!!! all!!! the!!! exclamation!!! points!!!

With L$3200, you can go to any strip joint in SL and get all the naked avatars you want.

Or, go to a skin store and stare at all the naked boobies you want - for free! You could even stand around and ogle the avatars that newly purchased skins or are trying on demos if you want to see moving naked avatars.

Hey, wait a minute - I could go to a *men's* skin store... hmmmm.

Tip from Alicia's blog.


Wrath Paine said...

Yeah, but I think the men's skins might be missing a few important details... or, parts. ;)

Veyron Supercharge said...

Or just IM me and I'll show you Tiessa without any clothes on....


dandellion Kimban said...

Something like a year ago there was a product like that. But I don't remember it was very popular. After three seconds of thinking, everybody with a working brain cell knows that it is a stupid thing to use.

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

For a second I was reminded of those "X-ray glasses" that were always advertised in comic books--I never got around to buying a pair, which is probably just as well.

But then, I suppose it could be done--just have a switch to decide whether to apply shirt, pants, etc. Whether to render attachments is an interesting question, since sometimes they're used for clothes, and other times, they're, um, not.