Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How Many Countries Can You Name?

While over on Second Life At Hand reading about the blogger party and looking for references to me, of course, I noticed an interesting little test, "How Many Countries Can You Name In 5 Minutes" so I tried it.

Part of the way through the test, I realized my two biggest hindrances are my typing speed and my inability to spell. I found out I cannot spell Luxembourg (darn 'u'), Belize (I could have sworn I typed this in, try it and tell me if it works), Liechtenstein (grrr, 'ie' or 'ei'), or the Philippines (how many l's and p's are there again?), no matter how many variations I tried, I couldn't spell them and I had to abandon them, also forgetting that French Guiana is spelled differently than Guyana didn't speed up my time any. I always thought Trinidad and Tobago was a single country and I couldn't make that combo work either. Certain countries have also changed names, like Burma, which doesn't help. Grrr, can't they just keep the name they were given by their colonial overlords so I can score higher on a test?

Anyway, here's my score...

Take it and find out how well you've kept up with geo-political maneuverings since you were in grade school and had to learn all of the countries and their capitals.

For those of you wondering what a couple of the harder ones are, try "Nagorno-Karabakh", "Saint Vincent and the Grenadines", and "Pridnestrovie".

Looking over the list, I do have at least one to complain about, "Antarctica". While, I can appreciate the French and Australian lands there and considering them territories at the very least, calling the entire continent a country is giving a big pile of penguins the benefit of the doubt as far as self-governance is concerned.


Sofian said...

Wow Tiessa, you really impress me!

I had exactly the same problems of spellings as those you are mentioning, but I only was able to score a poor 58:(

Did you try the moon survival test? I lamentably missed this one and will surely be rejected for the next mission of NASA

Tiessa said...

I was surprised I scored so well, I saw your score and almost didn't take the test because I thought there was no way I could even come close to being able to type that many.

I got into a bit of a groove at a couple of points with typing countries as fast as possible, I just visualized a map in my head and started to type so I could keep track of which ones I already typed without needing to read.

I'll have to look at the astronaut test later today.

vint falken said...

I had 62. :/

Can we now play 'name as much countries as you can in five minutes in Dutch'? ;) (yeah, excuses, I know)

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

I couldn't even get to one, because it ignored my attempts to hit ENTER, and hence didn't notice any of my input.

Hmmm... "Saint Vincent and the Grenadines" would be a good name for a music group.