Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Love The Smell Of Bugs In The Morning

Imagine my surprise when I looked at my blog this afternoon and there were weird people looking back at me from my profile picture. How the heck did that happen? Did someone hack Blogger? Or did their database references just become corrupt or something.

I looked at the guys more up close and they aren't even that attractive. Darn.

Then I noticed someone hiding under the title bar. What's wrong with my site? Why is someone with a stethoscope and lab coat sitting under my title bar?

That isn't even one of my kinks. So, annoyed to have to deal with this, I went to the profile editing, uploaded my profile picture. *Again*. And now the two weird guys in the mirror aren't staring out at me and doctors aren't hiding underneath of my title. But now I don't have any profile picture. Re-uploading didn't help.

So, for now that spot will remain blank until I figure out what's up. Maybe Blogger will fix itself, maybe I'll re-upload once a day until it works again. Maybe you won't have my cute face to look at every time you read my blog. Come to think of it, that's a tragedy, no one should be deprived of *me*. I wonder if Blogger has an emergency hotline for bugs that are super important.


Dalien said...

Did you reupload the entire template ? I'd try to do it...

An evil mind can do a lot with blogger and javascript - I was quite surprised there was not much heard about it - but maybe it's soon time for it.. (*here would go another rant on the imperfection of the humanity, but I'll save you from it* :)

Tiessa said...

Reupload the entire template? Gah! I was supposed to save it offline? Thank you for the suggestion.

Dalien said...

Hmm... you mean you did not use one of the defaults ? :)) And if you did not, you did not save a backup ? :)

aiee! :)

Tiessa said...

I am using the default template - so, I should download it and then re-upload it?

Dalien said...

There's a button "reset to default template" or something like that, so then no need to download then.