Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Do I Want A Road Near Me?

Linden Lab's Public Works Department is planning on building more roads. I'm of mixed feelings about this. One of the routes, Route #2, goes right next to three of my properties in Mournful and Hummingbird.

Is this a good thing? I've become used to the big, green empty sward with the weeds growing in the middle of it next to my palace. Will it make the land look better or worse? Probably worse since, now I'll have a road next to my gardens. I don't really care about any potential boost in the sale value of my land, since I don't plan on selling anytime soon. I always knew this day might come when they would build more roads, but having lived here for over a year, I've become used to how it is.

Granted, the road would have an awesome view of the protected ocean I reside next to. The view is one of the major reasons I own the land I do.


Jene said...


Does it feel that the Lindens are playing Sim City™ to you? Because it looks like that to me!

Maybe EA™ should makes a call to their layers!

It's a trademark and IP violation in making!

October Hush said...

Huh. I had no idea that LL laid down their own roads. I should take a tour on one of the longer ones on one of my motorcycles. I'll stop by and visit you ;-)

Kasumi Rieko said...

I was going to say that I really am a NOOB, but then I read October didn't know either, that made me feel better... :P

I am guessing that LL owns the properties that this road is going to be on and not paving over people lands for it, right?

*sigh* I'm such noob...

Tiessa said...

@jene: As long as the big godzilla doesn't come along and destroy my palace, I'll be fine with it being SimCity.

@october: Yes, its actually a fun way to spend some time, wandering up and down the roads. Well, at least until the sim crossings kill you.

@kasumi: Yes, if you look on the map, you will generally see, long winding "empty" streaks on the map. This is land owned by LL and reserved for roads. A lot of mainland sims are created with these already in place and ready for paving.

Amanda Shinji said...

Woohoo, more roads for me to tear around on!!! :D