Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Editing My Blogger Profile

I'm vain and have a weird sense of humor, so I am filling out my Blogger profile...

Share My Profile Yes. Check.
Show My Email Address Hmm, maybe later, I'm not in the mood for spam yet. Check.
Name Tiessa Montgolfier. Check.
Photo Grab link from Paradise Lost forums. Check.
Audio Hmm, I don't have any audio of me online yet. Mental Note to practice purring and sounding sultry. Check.
Gender Female. I created a male alt for testing scripts, but still can't master burping, farting, and scratching myself. Besides, very lousy clothing selection. Check.
Birthday Probably 10/16/2006 - too lazy to look. Darn error, "must be at least 13 years old", take out the year. Works. That's quality security you have there. Check.
Homepage URL Here, although if you keep asking me inane questions, maybe not. Check.
Wishlist URL Find the SL Boutique wish list. Mental Note. Check.
City/Town My home sim? Hummingbird. Check.
Region/State Second Life. Check.
Country SL isn't a country yet. Not Specified. Check.

Then I hit the fun question...

Industry Hmmm...

Sex? Not in list, big surprise there.
Entertainment? Not in list, guess they don't want any stars to blog.

Okay, what's actually in the list... hmmm...

Accounting Well, it does involve keeping track of money, but no.
Advertising (Insert something pithy about advertising execs being whores...), nope.
Agriculture Plowing? My furrow gets plowed. Hoeing? Hehe. Not into bestiality... although there was that one nice furry... oh, and that other one... but, no.
Architecture Lots of jokes around buttresses, arching, plumbing the depths, nope.
Arts (See comment above about advertising and whores... substitute, pretentious poser artists), nope.
Automotive Babe calendars and "Paradise By The Dashboard Lights", nope.
Banking I don't like withdrawals, no.
Biotech SL definitely lacks the squishy sciences, nope.
Business Services Definite possibility, conventions are always good for business, maybe.
Chemicals Not into drugs, nope.
Communications or Media Definitely lots of cybering going on, no.
Construction More plumbing jokes, hammering, being nailed, etc, no.
Consulting I charge hourly. I'll do anything for money, possible winner here.
Education Teaching newbies how to use their new Xcite! gear, no.
Engineering Hmmm... slide rules, no joke there. Mechanical devices, boring. This category is as boring to make jokes about it as it really is, definitely no.
Environment Does working naked count? Wearing green? Didn't think so, no.
Fashion I wear a lot of fashion, okay, I take off a lot of fashion if you will, no.
Government Politicians are the real professional whores, I'm bush league. Hehe, no.
Human Resources I do get hired a lot, but no.
Internet I've never been Googled yet, but I've heard its pleasurable... nope.
Investment Banking Do they get that many investment banker bloggers that they need a separate one from banking? nope.
Law Yay its legal! no.
Law Enforcement or Security Neener, its legal. no.
Manufacturing No tangible product from my work, nope.
Maritime I love sailors, nope.
Marketing (See advertising above...) no.
Military I love soldiers, nope.
Museums or Libraries Been there, done that, got the dinosaur bone imprint on my butt to prove it, no.
Non-Profit You mean as in free? definitely not.
Publishing No picture books... yet. no.
Real Estate I see a lot of real estate, well not really I see a lot of ceilings. no.
Religion I say "oh my god" a lot. I worship on my knees. I saw a naughty nun costume in a store I could buy. I consume manna, oh wait, that's not manna... nope.
Science There's not a lot of higher thinking going on, although there is lots of experimenting happening, no.
Sports or Recreation I get a good work-out, I'm in shape... nope.
Student Nope, I'm definitely teaching... (see Education), no.
Technology You mean as in Xcite? Mechanical devices? nope.
Telecommunications Again, is this very different from Communications above? no.
Tourism Taking a tour of the hills and valleys? Hospitality? maybe.
Transportation Well, I plan to move you, and I plan to be moved from the couch, to the table, to the bed, to various and sundry devices, to underwater, to space, to heights of ecstasy, yadda, yadda, yadda. maybe.

Occupation Escort. Not hooker, I do more than just sex.
Extended Info You have got to be kidding. I don't have the attention span for this.

In the end, I chose Tourism because its the closest to hospitality I could find. Consulting seemed to be very predatory, which I'm not. My job is to make certain you are pleased and feel welcome, my ultimate goals. Oh, and it involves a lot of beds...

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