Friday, March 16, 2007

Fear Of Barbie's Big Boobs

Melissa Yeuxdoux writes about her fear of being labeled a Barbie for being tall, thin, and having large breasts. Although I never had a Barbie with proportions like hers in her recent forays into the realm of massive breasts.

I enjoy being labeled a Barbie both in Real Life and Second Life, here are my reasons why:

  • All the kids love her
  • People recall their time with her wistfully and with a smile
  • Her wide selection of clothes
  • She's a princess, a veterinarian, an astronaut, a diplomat, and so much more
  • She has pet cats, dogs, horses, pandas, lions, and zebras
  • She is about to turn fifty and doesn't look a day over twenty
  • She has a pilot's license and flys commercial jets
  • She is into BDSM
  • Every guy has looked up her skirt at one time or another
  • People spend lots of money on her

  • With all that, how could you *not* want to be Barbie?

    I'm glad Melissa is enjoying her time with massive breasts and has the guts to do it. Maybe I'll buy a set and we can form a Big Boob Solidarity movement. Perhaps I could sell advertising on the side of them like the Goodyear blimp.


    vint said...

    You never poked on of my eyes out with them when at the club, so I guess they are not abnormally big! ;)

    Anonymous said...
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