Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Things I Want To Buy

How unlike me that my second post involves clothes and spending money. I was reading the Aspire Magazine Blog and discovered a new "must visit" shop, The House Of Nyla.

In particular, I want the peacock feathered one to the right.

It appears The House Of Nyla also has the fashions in RL! I can't wait to buy her clothes in RL.

The dance moves shown remind me of the "Purple Whirlpool" one from Sine Wave. If you haven't seen the dances from them, you are missing out; they are the first decent set of dances I've seen. If anyone knows of a good dance animation seller in SL, please comment on it - not that anyone reads this blog yet. I loathe the built-in ones, the free ones everyone has are lousy, and most of the others I've seen I would never do in RL because they are dorky.

In RL, I go out dancing frequently. I wish my avatar could dance as well as I do.

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