Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Things I Want To Buy II

I'm always on the lookout for a new skin, and looking at the Celestial Studios blog, I see the Drama Queen line which looks to have potential. Good name, too.

Drama Queen - Bright and slick multitonal eyemakeup paired with glossy lips. This is a "liquid eyeshadow" look that works great with the bright colors ever present in the new Last Call clothing collection.

Fabulous eye-makeup and glossy lips, excellent. I wish I could get my lipstick to look like that in RL.

One day, shortly after I joined SL, I was walking out of the drug store, when I spied a woman with great make-up, it looked like she'd just walked out of the salon. I walked over to her, opened my mouth to ask her where she bought her skin, and then I realized what I was about to say. Instead, I asked her where she got her makeup done. Serious blond moment averted at the last second.

Update 03/10/2007: I tried out the skins but was non-plussed. They certainly were nice in general, but the eye makeup wasn't as good as I hoped and the choice of colors was limited, if the skins combined the eye shadow from the "Bright Eyes" and the lips from the "Bright Lips" series of the Vogue line, that would be good. Also, I don't like pubic hair, even in small patches.

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