Monday, April 16, 2007

The Growing Neko Fashion

It seems a number of people are going 'Neko'. I should post pictures of my own Neko experiment and in an upcoming chapter of my memoirs, you will get a taste of my RL Neko day last Halloween.

I love the link Vint posted to the Web Neko code that allows you to put a cute little Neko on you page. And I'm even happier that it works with Blogger.

Click on the cute little cat and watch it run around your web page.


vint said...

It runs back to it's corner. I think I've scared it! :( :( :(

PS. We want the next chapter! We want the next chapter! ;)

vint said...

It's sleeping now.

Tiessa said...

It follows the mouse pointer and if you click it, it goes back to it corner.

The next chapter is coming, I'm editing it into shape around now. i should be posting it tomorrow or at the latest Wednesday.

Wrath said...

Apparently it thinks that orange and white 'B' in the upper left corner stands for 'bed' and likes sleeping there - a lot. Man, if that things gets tired out just running around for two seconds, that's just sad, hehe.

Uh oh, new chapter alert! That is great news! Between this and the M is for Myg ongoing saga, my life will never run out of continuing storylines. :-)

Veyron Supercharge said...

Yes, we want the next chapter!!