Thursday, April 12, 2007

Make Me A Bimbo

I was going through my Google Analytics and looking at what people who came to my site from Google searched for.

make me a bimbo: Type this into Google and I'm the *third* result - yay me! In searching for just 'bimbo' to see if I placed in the top 10 pages, which I don't, I found this wonderful definition of bimbo: "Bimbo is short for the term 'body impressive brain optional'." That has got to be my new slogan.

Perhaps I will start a deportment school to teach 'How To Be A Bimbo' to innocent wallflowers who want to blossom. Or write 'An Idiot's Guide To Being A Bimbo". Even better, write 'A Bimbo's Guide To....' I'm making a mental note to start a new series based on that idea as soon as possible. Heck, I'll trademark it :)

Other notable Google search terms that lead to my page are:
"second life" "mistress" escort: For which this site places *second* - now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the submissive male clients to roll in :)

screaming catholic orgasm: Something I know *nothing* about. Or so I would have the nuns believe.

second life alliance navy: Where I place on the fourth page. BTW, I found out who the Alliance Navy's enemies are. I will post that separately.

Going through the referrals and the search terms is always amusing for a site. You end up discovering the weird things people search for.


vint said...

I'll never link to you again with the word 'bimbo'. Ok? :d

Wrath said...

::: comes rolling in :::

Tiessa said...

Hey! Then I'll charge you double for lessons.

So, wrath, do you have your own collar or do I need to provide one?

Veyron Supercharge said...

Bimbo? But I would think that being a Mistress would require a fair amount of intelligence. It takes a lot of planning, organization, and preparation to do a good job on the primary job requirements of any Mistress.

Bimbo Mistress? Seems to be an oxymoron. Bimbo sub? Hmmm, have you seen anyone with a gag on and a lot of extra hardware installed lately that would fit that description? :)

Tiessa said...

Everyone knows the subs are the ones really in control in the relationship. *They* need to be the smart ones. All you need to be a Mistress is the ability to crack a whip and make pointless demands. The subs are the ones left trying to figure out how to make those demands happen. I mean, even a *model* can be a Mistress - no training required.

As far as the gag and extra hardware, pffffh, that could be anyone. :)

I think Vint was trying to make her collar work, perhaps its her.

Zoe Connolly said...

I would agree with Tiessa...It's really a subs market I think. If you don't give then enough attention they leave, which is difficult for me when you want to do much more than live a BDSM lifestyle 24/7. That's why I've downsized my subs and created a family of like minded Mistresses and subs. We are online at various times of the day in many time zones. My little BDSM group has gone global!

Tiana Meriman said...

i also agree with tiessa, having lived the submissive life with a master. it was clear to me i was the boss of the relationship. my master knew i would quit at any moment if i wasnt happy. so he almost became the sub to make sure i stayed.

its not hard to be a master all you do is throw a few demands around and punish if they arent respected. the sub is doing all the work both for her master and for herself.

Tiessa said...

How did you like your time as a sub? I take it from your statement that you stopped it before you left SL?

When I get to my story parts about BDSM, I will start to expand on some of my theories as well :)

Smiley said...

You're now the first result on Google! xD