Monday, April 2, 2007

Secrets And Confessions

Vint is asking people to post secrets about themselves in SL and RL that they haven't revealed before. This is going to be hard, considering I'm posting so much revelatory stuff in my Mistress Strangelove series. I'll try to recap some of my revelations and think of something juicy to throw in.


  • I am a bimbo - wait that's obvious.
  • I am an escort - wait until you read about my amusing experiences in that profession.
  • I have tried out being a Mistress on numerous occasions - I don't think I'm giving away too much about the future course of the Mistress Strangelove series to reveal that.
  • I have tried out being a sub on a few occasions - not so obvious.
  • I have created an alt - I needed it to do script testing. Its never been out of my villa since I created it.
  • Like one other reply to Vint, once last year I did fake a crash late one night to ditch a particularly persistant IMer. I abruptly logged out and went to bed - next day I said my client crashed. Yech, I hate lying.
  • I do occasionally let IMs linger unanswered for a while if I'm busy.
  • I have always publically admitted I take notes about people - nothing wrong about that. If you haven't noticed I can be a bit ditzy and associating names with stories is not alwasy easy for me. I don't do it to fake sincerity, I do it so I can remember what kinks they like and phrases that seem to work particularly well.

  • I am a bimbo - wait that's obvious.
  • I am *not* an escort :)
  • I work for a big corporation.
  • I can be slutty and a tease on occasions. Okay *most* occasions :)
  • As I mentioned in my series, I do have black hooker boots with 2" platforms and 6" heels. I have worn them in public. On more than one occasion. Sometimes on days other than Halloween :)
  • I wear thongs or something skimpier under my clothing.
  • I was a tomboy as a kid, climbed trees, and generally did a bunch of "non-girlie" stuff. I still climb one of my favorite trees sometimes when I go home to visit my parents.
  • I like cold pizza for breakfast (the food of the gods) and not peanuts.
  • I am a natural blond (although I do lighten).
  • I sleep in nothing but panties.
  • I have no hair below my head ;) (except on my arms - shaving that would be weird)

Nothing particularly earth-shattering - I'm pretty open about most things except my identity. And I'm going to be writing about everything amusing or interesting I did in SL, just keep reading the ongoing story - I don't plan to leave anything out.


Wrath said...

Umm, yeah. Normally I might try to think of a few witty things to say in response to another excellent post, but, uh, hmm, that sort of wrapped up in a way that appears to have left me speechless. In a good way.

Just seems hard to wrap my rather small brain around the fact that in SL you can create yourself to be however you want - and yet I think I find the real life Tiessa far more hotter. *g*

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'll still be curious to see all the SL Tiessa adventures, though. :-)

Tiessa said...

There is a reason I ended it that way - to get exactly the reaction you described :)

I did say my goal was to be the *best* bimbo - it just helps that I'm already that way naturally.