Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What Age Are You? No, Really?

This has to take the cake. After Linden Lab said it was going to age and identify verify people, the catterwaling began. From end to end of the Second Life blogo-sphere, many posts were written and much vitriol spewed. None the less, Linden Lab persisted in it's desire to make identify verification part of Second Life.

So, what happens when someone is accused of being under-aged? "Oh, look at that, they used the verification system chosen by Linden Lab." You'd think that would be the end of it. Well, not so fast.

From over on Grid Grind (via Massively), they are reporting one of their alts was suspended and they were told to fax a copy of a picture ID for verification!

With not a second look at their own verification system, Linden Lab is demanding picture proof of your identity in cases where there has been a complaint against you. Their own carefully selected system doesn't stand up to meet their own burden of proof.

A comment on Massively answers the charge that it's supposedly only a beta program:

Bee Mizser said...

So they are not trusting a system in BETA....

God you are getting worse than the Herald.

Age Verification is undergoing testing, it has not gone fully live, so quite rightly they are not depending on it right now.

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Tateru Nino9

Dec 24th 2007 @ 5:54AM
Tateru Nino said...

As far as we know, and from everything we've heard, the 'beta' aspect is to deal with people *not* being able to verify. Once people *are* verified, as far as we know, they'll stay that way at the end of beta - therefore, if you trust the data then, you trust it now, no?


Sorry about that, I just had to scream at the world about something so blindingly stupid.

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