Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What Do I Have To Do To Get A Little Publicity?

I flirt and I flirt, he takes pictures, but then he goes and forgets to mention the best part of the entire party, me! And I'm even the only person you can make out in the picture he posts of the party. I should be glad he didn't feature an embarrassing photo of me in his tutorial on post-processing of cleavage like some people I could mention...


Syd Loon said...

Well..I would have... scratch that..will mention your name now that I know your looking for the publicity ^^..nothing was rezzing for me that day..if you notice your hair still isn't rezzed there but I didn't want to get in trouble so i was trying to be ...err um..good..

By the way..if your interested in doing some more post processing um...stuffs..I am working on a new blog about using open source tools such as Gimp for content creation in section life and I would be happy to feature you there and mention your name a few times as well =]..

- - Syd

Tiessa said...

I'm just tweaking you a bit, don't worry :)

If you need someone to pose for a few photos so you can work your digital magic, just ask.

Syd Loon said...

all in good fun..Ill definately keep that in mind =]

by the way i agree that something isn't right about sweetsecondlife and other sites like that..there rankings dont make sense alot of times..there must be systems that they use to track but im not sure if those systems are very effective..but what do i know =p

vint falken said...

LMAO. Maybe you were to 'modern' for him? ;)