Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm An AlienHearts Groupie

It's been ages since I heard AlienHearts play live and they were back for a big party this weekend. In case you've never heard of them, they are three very good DJs from France who play electrance music and make incredibly funny comments in-between their songs.

You can go to their website,, to download their music or get a small promo-sample of it by clicking the play button in the embedded player below.

To get a feel for their sense of humor, let me direct you to one of their videos on YouTube, it's called NooB and it's the tale of a noobie to Second Life.

Just to confirm my groupie status, I would add any of the three to my Naughty Nine, I dance on the stage when they play, I flirt shamelessly with them, and I have been known to throw various pieces of clothing onto their DJ booths. If anyone who reads this and runs a club or event that wants good music from professional DJs, I couldn't recommend anyone better. They packed a four sim party today.

If you hire them, you can be certain I will attend. Isn't that a good enough reason alone?


Anonymous said...

Love the machinima. I was laughing at a few parts.

vint falken said...

LMAO. I remember at least one of them having a in-world gf at the time they played at the PL. =d