Thursday, December 20, 2007

Up With This I Will Not Put

I was looking to collect some of the images I've seen people post about me in the past and put references to them on here. It turns out Flickr search is horrible and things tagged with my name don't even show up in the search results for 'tiessa'. I decided to use Google's image search to find more images of me.

The first result in Google's image search for me is *the* photo by Vint!


October Hush said...

Haha, I have a lovely one of you as a neko at one of the blogger parties. I will tag it with your name. can find it here:

Tiessa said...

This is an amusing coincidence. I write a post mentioning you and referring to the exact photo you refer to here, just a few minutes before you comment and send the link to the photo.

Surfing the same brain wave.

October Hush said...

Oh! Haha.