Friday, January 4, 2008

Daily Bimbo 2

Since the last post didn't have a very high bimbo quotient, I'll give you another dose of bimbo for your enjoyment. You've all probably seen this one by now, but no collection of bimbos should be without this one.

Miss Teen USA 2007 from South Carolina explains why some Americans, excuse me, some "US Americans" cannot find the US on a map:

Why didn't *I* think of that, duh, of course it's because they don't *have* maps. And because of, like South Africa and Iraq and stuff. See, she's one of the smart ones, she's figured out the big problem with US American education - the lack of proper materials. I wish I was as smart as her.

1 comment:

A. Burgess said...

We'll educate them over there so we don't have to educate them here!