Monday, January 21, 2008

Sieg Heil Mein Fuhrer Philip

There is a hilarious video making the rounds of SL blogs. In it Hitler throws a tantrum and the provided sub-titles are written as if it was Philip Rosedale from Linden Labs. Hitler/Philip raves about the 'invasion' of the Open Source pirates who have nearly achieved teleporting on their OpenSim project and who already have SexGen beds.

It's nice to know that the OpenSim people have their priorities straight - sex before teleporting.

Some choice quotes:
"[why can't we go] ... back to the days where you could shit in box and sell it!! Before people was smart!!"
"At least we still have Orientation Island... WITH AN 80% DROP-OUT RATE!! WHOS IDEA WAS TO MAKE IT SO STUPID!! I tried to go there last night... to reassure myself... I like it still, I rode the Segway... BUT I COULD NOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET OFF IT!! THEN I GOT STUCK IN THE GROUND!!11"

"All I ever wanted to do... ...was make a virtual utopia where people could own fake land."

I love that quote - it pretty much sums up Second Life :)

I saw the first link to it from Vint's blog where an interesting thing came up in the comments. People in Germany and France seem unable to watch the video. I believe it is illegal to display the swastika and other symbols of Nazi Germany in those two countries and I believe that YouTube is blocking anything tagged with 'Hitler', etc from viewing by people from those countries.

It makes me glad I live in a country where I can watch parodies of "mass-murdering fuck-heads" without the government thinking I must be a Nazi sympathizer or that it would corrupt me.

Maybe we should all go around chanting 'Seig Heil' ('Hail Victory' for the Germanically challenged) like the Germans did as their country died. Nicely ironic. Perhaps the Second Life equivalent is 'having sex in SexGen beds as the Grid crashes around us.'

Hmmm, perhaps all those freebie penises doing the 'Nazi Salute' have been telling us something all along...


Dalien said...

Actually, an excellent idea. I should ping the guys to include the bed as a standard library item :)

We might have a bit of a shortage in testers though... :D

Tiessa said...

Ahh... Don't look at *me* like that...