Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Fur Joke Would Be Inappropriate Right Now

After encountering the Golden Compass daemon thingie on multiple blogs, I thought, "Why not see what it gives me? I hope I get something cute." Besides it can go with my "Which Barbie are you?"

Some of the questions had me thinking I was going to get a fly, "You have problems concentrating," some sort of lizard, "You are solitary," or perhaps a howler monkey, "You are an opinionated loud mouth."

Instead, I received an Ermine. Hmmm, a mustilidae, I wouldn't have thought of myself as a carnivorous, weasel-like person with offensive scent glands. But this sort of thing goes with the movie, if they did this with Harry Potter, everyone would have either a toad or a white owl. If they had a biologist do this type of quiz and put in a wide selection of animals, too many people would end up as three-toed sloths, wildebeasts, or something else that would have lots of irate mothers calling in saying, "My daughter is crying because your site called her a warthog! Why couldn't you have used cute things like bunnies?"


October Hush said...

Heehee...I did it for you and it came out the same.

Please keep your musk glands to yourself. ;-)

Tiessa said...

I may have musk glands, but at least I look regal while I'm exuding noxious scents ;)