Friday, January 11, 2008

Expanding Beyond Your Core Competency

Lillie Yifu is expanding beyond her 'core competency' of escorting to hold a 'working with huge prims' class this weekend. As long as I'm not tied up, literally, I plan to go. Well, if I can wrap my blond brain around remembering an event that far in the future, which is part of why I'm writing this post.

She is making good on her 2008 resolution to get out of the escorting business and is also making more of her kinetic art. I wish her the best of luck, escorting is, or was, an easy way to pick up some quick cash, but as a sustainable 'business', unless you provide photos or other saleable goods, you can never make more money than you can type (or vocalize). Using her creativity to make things she can continue to sell over and over will, I think, make her more money and more happy in the long run.

Perhaps I should expand out of my core competency of being a bimbo, but some people may remark that I've already done too much expanding and am already too experienced with huge prims.

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