Friday, March 28, 2008

Attachment Locking Script (RestrainedLife Compatible) v1.0

A number of people who bought my RestrainedLife Amethyst Collar Plug-in have asked me if it can lock other attachments as well. I've had to tell them that the RL Viewer does not allow an object to lock another attachment, an object has to lock itself. To solve this problem, I've just released a script that you can put into any attachment to lock it.

Here is the help document:

Did you ever want to lock your sub's other attachments besides their collar? Now you can, with this script. Just put this into any attachment and when you click the attachment, you will be given the option to lock it.

While locked, if the sub removes the attachment, you will be notified immediately via IM that it occurred. If the sub uses the RestrainedLife viewer, they will be unable to remove the attachment at all.

To unlock the attachment, when you click the object, you will be given the opportunity to unlock it.

Five copies of the script come in this pack.

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