Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Bit Of Self-Indulgent Narcissism

Being bored with the concept of doing work today, having already posted to the blog, and having not looked at my site analytics in a while, I decided to look and see what people have been finding on my site.

The high ranking keywords for my site are, "All Things Tiessa", no surprise there, "SL Escorts", hmmm, I haven't done that in ages, "make me a bimbo", a perennial favorite on this blog, "second life big boobs", and, interestingly enough, a phrase that is second only to "All Things Tiessa", "Aristotle, he made a claim that later proved incorrect." Where else can you get bimbos, big boobs, and discussions of the veracity of Aristotle in one cute package? Oh, and I have the most darling dimples as well :)

The current top links are I Is A Smart Bimbo, "Long Absences And Unexpected Exposures", and "Fear Of Barbie's Big Boobs".

Hmmm, I sense a theme :)

Just as a sort of weird recursive irony, the "Make Me A Bimbo" reference on my site, which is one of my hit generators, is another post commenting on how that phrase is one of my hit generators. No actual content was produced in the making of this hit driver.

Re-reading that post of mine, I definitely have to do a series of 'A Bimbo's Guide to...' posts with 'A Bimbo's Guide To Being A Bimbo,' being one of the first. I bet the Mean Girls would have a field day with me if I ever made it onto their radar.


October Hush said...

Every once in a while I wonder what I would look like as a bimbo.

It would just be so different from what I am (both in rl and in sl).

I'm not asking you to make me a bimbo (though I wouldn't be opposed to it)...just musing out loud...

Tiessa said...

Mmmmm, a cute little neko bimbo.

We should get together and go shopping some time. I love your current look, very nice, but one fantasy outfit to be a bimbo now and then wouldn't hurt, now would it?

October Hush said...

Heehee...yeah, I mean changing my shape, clothing and I guess my hair, but still using the same skin, ears, eyelashes, tail, nails, etc.

When Chloe made her "Sexy Chloe" shape, I was actually somewhat disturbed, even though it was hardly extreme. Actually, it was almost subtle by most SL female standards.

Sure, I'd love to go shopping sometime! It would be fun =)

Tiessa said...

"October, you do not yet realize your importance. You have only begun to discover your power. Join me, and I will complete your training. Come over to the Bimbo Side."

October Hush said...

Heehee...I already have some sexy things to wear. I have a nice little collection of latex that I hardly ever wear, you know.

Tiessa said...

A closet latex bimbo all along, who would have known :)