Monday, March 10, 2008

I Know Veyron Is A Super Flirt

Veyron doesn't think she's a Super Flirt, I happen to disagree. She flirts all the time, it's just generally low-key and mixed with her wicked sense of humor.

I took the same test and I achieved the same result. Now, I know I flirt all the time and the rest of the world is just going to have to deal with it.

In looking at the rest of that site, it looks dangerous, way too many polls to take with amusing titles. However, I already know the answer to one of them, "What Kind Of Breakfast Are You?". Okay, I know the type of breakfast, I want to be. I want to be the type of breakfast that is eaten every morning.

Oh, and in response to Vey's assertion that I get away with things based on my boobs, I do not get away with things because of them. Well, much... Well, often... Well, maybe not big things... Okay, how about we compromise and say, I don't often get away with homicide because of them.


Jene said...

« I don't often get away with homicide because of them »

Jene laughs warmly.

It's soooo not hard to believes she already got away with a few. Perharps if we look into the chronicles of the City of Lost Angels, we'll find a few surprise about Tiessa!

Perharps Veyron could enlight us... Does she get away with it because she is flirting all the time, because she is very edible or because she have nice boobs?

October Hush said...

I'm a coy flirt...big surprise ;-)

And...I'm fruit! Wow, what a hippie, huh?

Tiessa said...

You are a coy fruit?

@jene: I think all three are applicable ;)